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Harriot Hunt - Meet the Woman Who Paved the Way for Women Doctors

In the early 19th century, the medical profession was an exclusive club for men, and women who dared to venture into this field faced numerous challenges.

However, Harriot Hunt, an American abolitionist, and women's rights advocate refused to be held back by societal norms and paved the way for women doctors. Hunt's achievements are often overshadowed by those of her contemporaries, but her contributions to the field of medicine and women's rights are significant and deserve recognition.

Who was Harriot Hunt?

Harriot Hunt was born in 1805 in Boston, Massachusetts, into a family of wealthy merchants. Her father, Benjamin Hunt, was a staunch abolitionist and women's rights advocate, and he instilled these values in his children. From a young age, Hunt was encouraged to pursue education and was given access to the family library, which had an extensive collection of books on science and medicine.

Despite her family's encouragement, Hunt faced numerous obstacles in her pursuit of medical education. Medical schools at the time were closed to women, and female physicians were viewed with suspicion and skepticism. However, Hunt was undeterred and sought out private tutors and mentors who could help her in her studies.

In 1847, Hunt became the first woman to be admitted to the New England Female Medical College, where she studied anatomy and physiology. However, her dreams of becoming a licensed physician were dashed when the Massachusetts Medical Society refused to grant her a license, citing the fact that she was a woman. Undeterred, Hunt continued to practice medicine, providing medical care to women and children in the Boston area.

Hunt's Contributions to Women's Health

Hunt's contributions to the field of medicine were significant, particularly in the area of women's health. The Ladies Physiological Society was established by Hunt in 1843, and she organized a series of lectures on physiology and hygiene for women under its patronage. She believed that women deserved access to medical care and education, and she worked tirelessly to make this a reality.

Hunt was an advocate for the use of anesthesia during childbirth, which was a controversial and often dangerous practice at the time. She also wrote extensively on the subject of hygiene and sanitation, which was critical in preventing the spread of disease.

Hunt's work in women's health was groundbreaking, and her advocacy for women's rights extended beyond the medical field. She was a vocal supporter of the abolitionist movement, and she fought for women's suffrage, believing that women deserved the right to vote and have a say in the laws that governed their lives.

Harriot Hunt - Investment Advice for Women Doctors

Hunt's legacy extends beyond her contributions to the field of medicine and women's rights. As a wealthy woman, she was also an astute investor, and she provided investment advice to other women doctors. Her investment strategy was simple but effective - invest in real estate. Hunt believed that real estate was a safe and stable investment that would provide women doctors with a steady source of income throughout their lives.

Hunt's investment advice for doctors is just as relevant today as it was in the 19th century. As women continue to break barriers and enter traditionally male-dominated professions like medicine, they must have access to sound investment advice. Investing in real estate can provide women doctors with a stable source of income that can help them achieve their financial goals, including retirement planning.

Harriot Hunt's contributions to the field of medicine and women's rights are significant and deserve recognition. Her advocacy for women's health and education, as well as her investment advice, continue to be relevant and inspiring today. On International Women's Day, we celebrate women like Harriot Hunt who have paved the way for future generations of women doctors and leaders.

In conclusion, Harriot Hunt was a trailblazer who refused to be held back by societal norms and paved the way for women doctors. Her achievements in the field of medicine and women's rights continue to inspire and empower women today.

Her investment advice and advocacy for women's health and education are particularly relevant today, as women continue to break barriers and make strides in traditionally male-dominated fields.

​​We at PRIME Financial Services are proud of every woman like Harriot Hunt who contributes to society by setting examples and leading the path for other women to grow and prosper. We specialize in investment advice for medical professionals, male or female, based on their current financial situation and long-term goals so they can have peace of mind with the security they desire!

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