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Prime Update | Navigating Uncharted Waters Together 

Read about the actions we have taken to ensure seamless continuity of operations and services while safeguarding our employees and clients without disruption. 

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Financial Advisers for Physicians.



With over 60 years of experience working with physicians and medical professionals we understand the unique challenges that come with that profession. 

Prime Financial Services is a comprehensive financial planning firm offering concierge financial solutions for doctors - from residency to retirement.  We work in a collaborative environment that ensures our clients are getting the best service possible.  

Our clients typically fall into four categories:

What our team does differently

We have unique experience with physicians and medical professionals but that does not limit us to helping people outside of the medical community.

We act a full-time fiduciaries and are always looking out for our clients best interest.  

Real Obtainable Goals

We work with you to develop and understand your financial goals that meet your specific needs. 

Tailored Recommendations

We examine and discuss your different options based on your goals, financial profile and current financial state. 

Customized Insights

We look at all options and build a plan to help you reach your financial goals.

The average education debt for

recent medical student graduates is $190,000.

Source: Association of American Medical Colleges, Annual Survey, 2016

Our Team of Advisers

We take pride in our long history helping our clients reach their financial goals.  Prime Financial Services has championed their clients through nine recessions, several tax code changes, constant shifts in the business of medicine and numerous other obstacles.  With experience comes knowledge and with that knowledge comes strong financial plans.  The world may change, but our commitment to our clients never has.  


Milton Wein started a financial group working with physicians in New York City.


Howard Wein, Milton's son, joined the practice and realized the unique problems physicians face.


Jason Wein, Howard's son, joined the team and continues to take the family business into the next century.


Prime is now a nine person team specializing with working with physicians.

Howard Wein

Howard Wein*

Financial Adviser, Management Team

Jason Wein

Jason Wein*

Financial Adviser, Management Team

Lawrence Bernstein

Lawrence Bernstein*

Financial Adviser, Management Team

Max Leopold

Max Leopold

Financial Professional

Alex Kreis

Alex Kreis

Financial Professional

Ann Wood

Ann Wood

Financial Professional / Seminar Director

Maureen Decker

Maureen Decker

Financial Professional

Darby Burke

Darby Burke

Business Operations Manager

Seminar Series

Seminar Series

We host seminar series that covers several topics that physicians should understand and be educated on. We hold these seminars at no cost to the hospital and are always looking to fill up our schedules with seminars. We understand that doctors relocate all the time after residency but that doesn't mean we lose touch. We have the capability to meet virtually online where you will feel like you are meeting with us in our office.   

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Download the 5 mistakes physicians make with their finances

As a physician or medical professional, you may face several unique challenges:

  • Six-figures or more of student loan debt
  • Delaying saving for retirement until your mid 30s
  • When you are finally making money, the government takes half of it
  • Uncertainty about how to prioritize your other financial obligations

Download our whitepaper that will tell you the five mistakes physicians are making with their finances. 

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